Glamor Drinks LTD presents: 
Sparkling minis"ready-to-drink" 

Fresh, sparkling drinking specialities
 in a trendy design

JustBe has been the sparkling "to-go" revolution on the apéritif market since 2012 and stands for fresh, sparkling specialities in a trendy design. All drinks are made from natural ingredients and are free from flavor enhancers. The result is excellent, elegant apéritifs of the highest quality. Perfectly rounded off in terms of flavor, in unique and stylish ready-to-drink piccolos, all JUSTBE apéritifs are a stylish enjoyment experience for life's special moments.


Italian Sparling Wines


Natural Wine Cocktails


Natural Soft Drinks

Fresh and sparkling

Wine - wine cocktails - non-alcoholic soft drinks,

All JustBe apéritifs are made from natural ingredients to offer a fresh and sparkling pleasure.

Highest quality

JustBe attaches great importance to quality, which is why we only use first-class ingredients for our apéritifs.
The wines come from Italy. Hand-picked flowers and/or direct juice concentrates are used for the wine cocktails and soft drinks. Everything is made from 100% natural ingredients, free from artificial flavor enhancers  

Trendy design

The JustBe apéritifs are not only perfect in flavor, they also come in a uniquely trendy design. The range includes all flavors, so there is something for everyone, whether alcohol-free, 5.4% or 10.5% alcohol.

Stylish pleasure experience

The JustBe minis are not just drinks. 

The JustBe minis are a commitment to fashion and style. 

The JustBe minis are an expression of a modern attitude to life and the joy of living.  

The JustBe minis are fashion in an elegant aluminum know what we mean!


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